WaveLine Media Display Wall I

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WaveLine® Media Display Walls are extremely customizable and versatile. Sets up in 5-10m without tools. Print two sides of the display for a full walk-around experience or flip your panel around to display an alternative message.

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WaveLine Media Display Wall I

The Modular Display Wall WLM-2000I from Makitso is an excellent choice for creating a visually appealing and engaging booth at exhibitions. This wall can be combined with a range of panel sizes, configurations, and accessories that provide you with the flexibility to design a booth that effectively showcases your brand.

The panels included are made from high-quality tension fabric. This fabric is known for its durability and vibrant color reproduction, ensuring that your booth stands out and captures the attention of exhibition attendees. The sharp graphics and vibrant colors on the tension fabric panels help create a visually stunning display.

With our Waveline panels, you have the freedom to choose the panel sizes and configurations that best suit your specific space and design vision. Whether you prefer a simple straight wall for a clean and streamlined look, a curved display for added visual interest, or a more intricate layout that incorporates different panel sizes and shapes, the portable display stands in the kit can be easily assembled and adjusted to achieve your desired booth design.

The modular nature of our displays allows you to reconfigure the panels and create different booth layouts for different exhibitions or events. This adaptability ensures that your booth remains fresh and engaging, even when attending multiple shows.

In addition to the panel sizes and configurations, the kit also includes various accessories that can enhance the functionality and visual impact of your booth. These accessories may include shelves, counters, monitor mounts, lighting, and more. By incorporating these accessories, you can create an interactive and engaging booth experience that effectively showcases your brand and engages with exhibition attendees.

  • (1) WaveLine Media® Frame – 1-1/4″ (32mm) cold-drawn anodized aluminum (WLM2000I
  • (2) Single-Edge Feet (WLM-22E)
  • (1) Accessories – protective graphic storage pouch.
  • (1) WaveLine® Media Disphic Priplay Fabric Grant – recyclable polyester stretch fabric, vibrant, wrinkle-resistant
    -Single-sided: choose white (standard) or black fabric for the second side
    -Double-sided: optional


-L4000/L4000C LED Spotlights
-Large Nylon Carry Bag – made from 100% recycled materials
-Monitor Bracket (WLM-58) for inside or outside edge of the panel
-CA700 Counter / Shipping Case – black countertop, printed graphic wrap


-Display Size: 57”W x 129”H (1447.8mm W x 3277mm H)
-Shipping Size: 13.8″W x 12.5″D x 32.1″H (350mm W x 315mm D x 815mm H)
-Shipping Weight: 7kg (15.4 lbs)
-Graphic Material: Dye-sublimation Stretch Fabric
-Warranty: Lifetime on Hardware. One (1) year on Graphic.


WaveLine® Media Display Wall I – 2000i
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Weight14.3 lbs
Dimensions13 × 12.5 × 32 in

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