Concierge Kiosk

The front face of the Concierge digital kiosks is protected with a 5mm thick tempered safety glass which can be printed on the reverse side with vibrant color, branding, or imagery that is scratch resistant. Built-in USB camera can be used for video calls, surveillance, smart advertising, and much more!

Our Concierge Digital Kiosks come with a 21.5” 10 Point Touch Screen Display and a built-in 16AH Rechargeable Battery. Motion detectors and sleep mode extend the internal battery life when not connected to a power source. A power bar beneath the screen conveniently indicates the battery life.

Digital sign Kiosk Applications: Hotels, Events, Exhibits, Lobbies, In-store, Retail, Airports, Banks, and more!

Add-on a Windows 10 Micro PC to run any application. Add Concierge Graphic Clear Plexiglass header to promote your brand.

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