4K kids digital table

Introducing our 4K UHD Digital Signage Interactive Touch Screen Tabletop, Kiosk, and Game Play solution. This interactive table features a stunning 32-inch 10 Point Touch Screen Display, delivering high-resolution visuals and an immersive user experience.

With its interactive touch screen capabilities, this table offers versatile functionality. It can be used as a tabletop display, a kiosk for interactive information sharing, or even as a platform for interactive game play. The choice is yours.

The built-in 16AH Rechargeable Battery ensures that the table remains powered even when there are no direct power sources available. This feature enhances portability and allows you to place the table in various locations without the constraints of power outlets.

The table operates on the Android platform, providing access to a wide range of applications. You can download Android apps to play games, educate and learn, or load your own branded app to showcase your products and services. This flexibility enables you to tailor the table’s content and functionality to your specific needs.

Whether you’re looking to engage and entertain your audience with interactive games or provide informative and interactive experiences, our 4K UHD Digital Signage Interactive Touch Screen Tabletop is a powerful solution.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything specific you would like to know about this interactive table.

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