Digital Kiosk

Check our complete line of Digital kiosks.

Digital kiosk, freestanding solutions to digitally display your message, information, or promotions.

Digital kiosks can be powered by a NUC or PC stick, making interaction with your customers easy, delivering your message at eye-level.

The concierge digital kiosk is protected with a 5mm thick tempered safety glass which can be printed on the reverse side with vibrant color, branding, or imagery that is scratch resistant.

Built-in USB camera can be used for video calls, surveillance, smart advertising, and much more!

The Makitso Blade is available with an optional touch screen display that will create a lasting impression in the mind of your audience, through personal interactive experiences. Sizes range from 32″ to 58″.

Perfect for info booths, airports, hotel lobby, retail, sales, malls, information sharing, or where self-service interaction with the audience is important.

Digital Signage interactive kiosks can connect to the internet and updated remotely.

Connect, engage, be seen by your audience!

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